1. Assalam Alicom. I only called to say “hello” and congratulate you for your wonderfull and successfull work. I have been folloowing your work on daily basis like many libyans did and for many years. You were the one who put a smile on our faces and gave us stories and ideas to talk about whilst abroad in the UK. you were inspirational to all of us and you really have spoken our minds most of the time ..you were one of us even we never met or knew you.
    I spent hours examining and re viewing your work during gaddafi regime but also found out your arts interest outside poilitics and was more imazed and very proud indeed of a bother libyan with such talent.
    I was always along with my friends wondered who you were and on many occasions there were names suggested but we always chose to stop the discussions trying to be protective of a lbyan hero

    Now, I am gald you are back in the beloved libya which is the natural place for your work and i am sure this would help in building our country.
    On the other side , I was a follower of LIBYA OUR HOME i also followed Omar alKidi and to be honest with you I never thought it was you.I always liked Omar’s articles and analysis . i congratulate you once againa and wish you a very successfull and happy career and life in libya.
    by the way, i was one of the libyan doctors in UK working as a med consutant now..but was planning to retrun to libya and i did about one year ago and was there during the revolution . salam alicum. Abdulbaset Benatia(originally from Tajoura)

    1. Thank you Doctor for your kind words, what I did was just a duty had to do. What kept me going is my belief, that one day good will overcome evil.But credit goes to all who gave their lives along the way, they’re the true heros and we owe it to them. By the way I’m not Omar Kedi, he’s a colleague of mine and we always meet over a coffee, so he passes on some ideas, to his credit I had to put his name and indication of the close association.
      Thank you again

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