letter from Jake /رسالة من جيك طالب سابق


Jake Mobbs

  • Hey Has!
    I wanted to say congratulations! The news is really fantastic that that mad woman is finally gone! 42 years of misery is over.. I hope soon you can travel back and you can invite me out too! I feel quite strongly about the whole Libyan uprising, which I can only attribute to your contagious passion and the amazing Alsature blog.
    I look at it all the time and laugh at the pictures, I just wish I understood Arabic. The pictures usually speak louder than words anyway so it’s okay and I like to imagine how they must have given real joy and hope to Libyan people right up until now.

    I’m sending you a link to a video of Gaddafi babbling about all the Arab leaders in danger of being disposed of, you probably know it well!


    Take care Has, I hope to see you and your family soon. I’d like to send you a copy of my documentary too. Send me your address, I’ll put one in the post.

  • www.theatlanticwire.com

    The Libyan leader said America’s Arab allies could end up like Saddam Hussein


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